The Diplomat

TMDB 7.42023 2 Seasons
In the midst of an international crisis, a career diplomat lands in a high-profile job she’s unsuited for, with tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.
The Diplomat

The Cinderella Thing

After a hostile attack on a British vessel, seasoned diplomat Kate Wyler assumes a new role in the UK that puts her skills — and marriage — to the test.
The Diplomat – 1×1
The Diplomat

Don't Call It a Kidnapping

As new details about the bombing emerge, Kate struggles to see eye-to-eye with Hal. Prime Minister Trowbridge's fiery remarks at a funeral cause a stir.
The Diplomat – 1×2
The Diplomat

Lambs in the Dark

At Winfield, President Rayburn's plans in the Gulf have the staff on edge as tensions between a determined Hal and a strong-willed Kate come to a head.
The Diplomat – 1×3
The Diplomat

He Bought a Hat

As Rayburn's rep takes a hit, Kate drops in on Dennison's private meeting at the UK Foreign Office and learns startling information about the attack.
The Diplomat – 1×4
The Diplomat

The Dogcatcher

Tempers flare at Chevening House, where an unexpected guest's arrival sends Kate and Dennison scrambling for a resolution. Hal makes a new connection.
The Diplomat – 1×5
The Diplomat

Some Lusty Tornado

To appease Trowbridge, Kate seeks Hal's help with a high-profile visitor and consults an informed source in secret as complicated feelings begin to grow.
The Diplomat – 1×6
The Diplomat

Keep Your Enemies Closer

After a sit-down with a Russian ambassador leads to new intel and mixed messages, Kate takes a trip to the Oval Office and reconnects with an old friend.
The Diplomat – 1×7
The Diplomat

The James Bond Clause

In London, Hal's actions cause friction as Kate heads to Paris with Dennison to get a handle on the Lenkov situation, which soon takes a shocking turn.
The Diplomat – 1×8


Keri Russell
Keri Russell Ambassador Kate Wyler
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell Hal Wyler
David Gyasi
David Gyasi Foreign Secretary Austin Dennison
Ali Ahn
Ali Ahn Eidra Park
Rory Kinnear
Rory Kinnear Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge
Ato Essandoh
Ato Essandoh Stuart Hayford

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