The Night Agent

TMDB 7.82023 1 Seasons
While monitoring an emergency line, a vigilant FBI agent answers a call that plunges him into a deadly conspiracy involving a mole at the White House.
The Night Agent

The Call

While working the night action desk, FBI agent Peter receives a distress call and is soon put in charge of protecting cybersecurity expert Rose.
The Night Agent – 1×1
The Night Agent


After looking for a link between the Campbells and the FBI, Peter is forced to go on the run with Rose in search of a hard drive — and more answers.
The Night Agent – 1×2
The Night Agent

The Zookeeper

Peter teams up with Rose for a risky mission at the White House. Elsewhere, a notable agent joins the security detail for the vice president's daughter.
The Night Agent – 1×3
The Night Agent

Eyes Only

Rose and Peter seek out one of the Campbells' recent contacts and uncover new intel. Monks opens up to Chelsea. Paulo makes a move on Maddie.
The Night Agent – 1×4
The Night Agent

The Marionette

Peter visits someone close to Hawkins. Rose makes a key connection. Maddie’s night out takes a dangerous turn, spurring the Secret Service into action.
The Night Agent – 1×5
The Night Agent


With assassins hot on their trail, Peter and Rose split up en route to the White House. A shocking discovery quickly puts their lives in jeopardy.
The Night Agent – 1×6
The Night Agent

Best Served Cold

Now in hiding, Peter and Rose grow closer and investigate a potential bombing suspect. At the White House, the conspirators obtain a disturbing tape.
The Night Agent – 1×7
The Night Agent


More truths emerge about the bombing suspect's identity. Chelsea and Peter race to find Maddie after she sends a video with a coded message.
The Night Agent – 1×8
The Night Agent

The Devil We Know

After new revelations surface, Peter and Rose scramble to find more evidence with help from Chelsea and Maddie. A bigger threat looms at Camp David.
The Night Agent – 1×9
The Night Agent


With lives at stake, the group tries to stop a nefarious plot before it's too late. In the aftermath, Peter confronts the past and begins a new chapter.
The Night Agent – 1×10


Gabriel Basso
Gabriel Basso Peter Sutherland
Luciane Buchanan
Luciane Buchanan Rose Larkin
Fola Evans-Akingbola
Fola Evans-Akingbola Chelsea Arrington
Sarah Desjardins
Sarah Desjardins Maddie Redfield
D.B. Woodside
D.B. Woodside Erik Monks
Hong Chau
Hong Chau Diane Farr

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